AI in smartphones can empower the users

AI have pushed the global traffic over to a now predominantly mobile world. Worldwide mobile traffic is now higher than desktop traffic. This led Google to announce that they will now be moving towards mobile-first indexing. This means your mobile presence will now drive your SEO and CRO success, as well as your bottom line.

Today’s internet users simply don’t have the time nor the patience for irrelevant messaging thrust upon them by advertisers. Not only is this approach generally ineffective, but it increasingly tends to have the exact opposite of its intended impact: When someone’s attention is derailed by impertinent ads with no value that connects, it can generate ill will and diminish the source’s reputation.

Advance in smartphone

Smart phone technology as a communication gadget has become the thrilling phenomenon of the modern age. However, its usage should be such that should bring about innovative benefits leading to societal development.

Smart phone technology innovative strategy on knowledge acquisition for societal development.

What’s more interesting today – and is the latest buzz word in artificial intelligence – is on-device AI. Huawei’s latest high-end chipset has a Neural Processing Unit that enables artificial intelligence computations to occur locally, instead of over the cloud. In a similar vein, Apple’s iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X are powered by the A11 Bionic chip, which has a Neural Engine that’s used for Face ID and other machine learning-enabled tasks. Qualcomm and ARM are in the process of releasing AI-optimised hardware for the rest of the industry. Smartphone manufacturers have started throwing around the word artificial intelligence haphazardly. There is no hard and fast definition of artificial intelligence and companies are taking advantage of that fact to mislead customers. It is very easy it to reduce AI to nothing but a marketing buzzword.

It is just the starting when it comes to smartphone and AI. If anything, we have only taken a step ahead towards a future that holds a lot of things for us. We can expect a lot of change and the most important trend in the future. The support that AI has received is impressible. The footprint that it is leaving in the technology world is the sign that it is going to stay here for a longer period of time than what we can predict.

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