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of New Products.

As a software product development company, we offer development teams that are adept at all the latest technologies. Along with offshore option, our developers build secure & scalable software using your preferred technology stack.


Dedicated development teams

Upgrade your software development capabilities with our experienced, skilled, reliable, & professional dedicated software development teams.

  • Availability of skilled IT manpower resources
  • Apps development as well as project
  • Short term & long term resource deployments; onsite, offsite
  • Avoidance of problems associated with recruitment
  • Improved business systems availability
Work with the top

3% of developers.

Bpointer is a marketplace where top developers, engineers, programmers, coders, and consultants can be found. Top corporations and start-ups hire Bpointer developers for their most critical projects.

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Skilled in Coding

Our developers for hire have been trained to anticipate future technical barriers that may arise as a result of the current application development approach. Once they have an idea of such scenarios, these hired developers will be able to code easily to deal with obstacles in future development work.

  • 24 Hour Customer Service
  • Global Quality Criteria
  • Compatibility with Time Zones
  • Policies for resource backup and replacement in the event of absence
  • What Bpointer offer

    Bpointer, a leading software company, is dedicated to engineering best-in-class software solutions that offer value to your business. Our experts handle complex projects and are experienced offering innovative, secure, and high-quality solutions.

    Planning to outsource dedicated software development teams? Or would you like to hire a team of offshore dedicated development experts? Get in touch for a free quote!

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    • Software Developers Web Apps, Mobile Apps, CMS, Ecommerce, JavaScript, Front-end
    • QA Experts Web UI & Functional QA Experts, Quality Assurance
    • UI/UX Design UI/UX Designers, Graphic designers
    What Bpointer offer
    Our approach

    The ideal group for your task

    The engineering staff can be strengthened by adding reputable IT professionals. You may swiftly scale the team up or down depending on demand with the help of Bpointer's staff augmentation services.

    Full Time
    Full Time

    A hired developer works solely on your project for 8 hours per day, 5 days per week. This could be a negotiated per hour rate or a fixed price.

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    Part Time

    A hired developer works on your project for four hours per day, five days per week. This could be a negotiated per hour rate or a fixed price.

    Hire developers hourly
    Pay by Hour

    Hired developers work on your project to finish the duties that have been given to them. The resource's hourly rate will be used for invoicing purposes.

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